ACME is one of the largest coating manufacturers for Audio and Video Pancakes / Jumbo Webs in the world.  By introducing advanced technologies and the purchase of the whole set of equipment from Japan and United State, today, its monthly output capacity is equivalent to 13.2 million pieces of C-60, 7.6 million pieces of C-90 and 9.7 million pieces of T-120 video cassette.

Our products are selling all over the world and have built an excellent reputation.  Our prime business objective is to pursue top quality products to maximize customer's satisfaction.  Our business strategy is to form alliance with outside / foreign partners for foreign market operation and obtaining technical improvements and know how.

Our high-morale staffs have been working under the supervision of our experienced Japanese quality assurance manager, so we can proudly say that the Audio and Video Pancakes / Jumbo Webs that we are supplying are of high and consistent quality.


Magnetic Tape


bulletLow Noise and Super High Energy Audio Web/Pancake 
bulletC-60 and C-90
bulletExtra High Grade Audio Web/Pancake
bulletMS-1080 and MS-1090
bulletVideo Web/Pancake 
bulletE-180/T-120 and E-240



Pallet Configuration

bulletAudio Tape - Audio Jumbo Web
bulletC-60 (16,500ft 20ft Container)
bulletC-90 (25,000ft 20ft Container)

bulletAudio Tape - Audio Pancake
bulletC-60 (10,500ft 20ft Container)
bulletC-60 (10,500ft 40ft Container)
bulletC-60 (8,200ft) or C-90 (12,150ft) (20ft Container)
bulletC-60 (8,200ft) or C-90 (12,150ft) (20ft Container)


bulletVideo Tape - Video Jumbo Web
bulletE-180/T-120 (21,000ft 20ft Container)

bulletVideo Tape - Video Pancake
bulletE-180/T-120 (17,100ft 20ft Container)
bulletE-180/T-120 (17,100ft 40ft Container)
bulletLong play Video Pancake (12,420ft or 12,800ft 20ft Container)


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